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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Hardware News |

Club3D NVIDIA says goodbye

Club3D NVIDIA says goodbye

, known manufacturer of cards based on and GPUs, and Tul Corporation subsidiary, along with other companies like PowerColor (AMD) VTX3D (AMD) and Zogis (NVIDIA), announces that he will not make more cards based video Nvidia GPUs.

Judith Ma Tseng, CEO of Club3D revealed no reasons determined to take the decision to abandon the manufacture of video cards based on Nvidia GPUs, but merely mentioned that he believes can provide better solutions with AMD keeping only.

With this recent decision Zogis remains the only exclusive manufacturer of video cards based on Nvidia GPUs Tul Corporation, while Club3D, Powercolor and video cards VTX3D made based on AMD GPUs.

We can not fail to mention that this decision is very similar to that XFX took three years to abandon the manufacture of video cards based on of mid and high range Nvidia (currently uses the low-end GPUs Nvidia GT 640 and below, and AMD GPUs in the rest of their video cards).

Link: Will No Longer Make Club3D GeForce Graphics Cards (VideoCardz)


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