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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Software |

Co-founder of Microsoft believes that Windows 8 is “mysterious”

is one of the co-founders of Microsoft, a company that is playing a lot of chips with the new 8 operating system, which brings a pretty bold redesign the user interface thanks to the colorful paintings of Modern UI. What opine that this character creation?

It claims that broadly Allen is “quite pleased” with the software, revealing that it has been used as both a tablet on a desktop PC, taking both a sense of confidence and excitement about the future of the platform. He was emphatic about how much he liked the management system in Modern Touch UI, which responds well and quickly, as the system boot times that are shorter than in Windows 7.

However, not all flowers to Windows 8. Because Allen was critical to indicate that Windows at times is “mysterious”, to indicate, for example, if you’re in Outlook desktop and press a link in an email, it opens in Internet Explorer 10 for Modern UI, when one expected to continue in the desktop environment.

“This also requires you to change back to desktop mode and resume what I was doing previously in Outlook”, added the of Microsoft, raising doubts about the feasibility of having two environments present under one oeprativo system, emphasizing exchanging discomfort in between.

And is that a taste for the new platform is not as high as expected , and the rate of adoption was not as fast as it was with Windows 7 in the past. Despite this, another co-founder of Microsoft, the famous praises launched and especially hybrid Surface team.

Link: Microsoft co-founder Windows 8 Finds some aspects to be “puzzling” (Neowin)

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