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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Code names are filtered families of future AMD GPUs

Code names are filtered families of future AMD GPUs

Between late last year and early this year, launched its HD family of 7000 Series GPUs, known by its Southern and based on Graphics Core Next architecture and we know that between late this year and early next AMD readies its new family of Radeon HD 8000 Series GPUs codenamed Sea Islands .

From VR-Zone brings us the code names of future AMD GPUs families for the years 2014 and 2015, ie the successors of the still unreleased Sea Islands:

AMD (2014)
This family of GPUs are the immediate successors and competitors Sea Islands of GPUs / cGPUs based on future architectures Maxwell Knights Nvidia and Intel (Xeon Phi second generation ” Knights Landing “). These GPUs may have trade name “Radeon HD 9000 Series” and are manufactured with the 20nm manufacturing process.

GPUs are expected to possess greater integration with the gpu (unified routing), plus future architecture based APU will have a level of silicon integration with the CPU, which could be called the “true Fusion”.

Pirates AMD Islands (2015)
This family of GPUs will be manufactured using the 20nm manufacturing process, or perhaps that of 14nm. According to VR-Zone, AMD just started the design phase of architecture that will be based on these GPUs, so the specifications are a complete mystery.

Since the family of Volcanic Islands GPUs AMD Radeon HD nomenclature used 9000 Series, maybe this new family of GPUs have a completely different nomenclature to previous AMD GPUs lines, ie you finally say goodbye to the tagline “HD “.

Link: AMD Next Generation Codenames Revealed: 2013, 2014, 2015 GPUs Get Names (VR-Zone)

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