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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Science |

Coexisting discovered two holes in space

Coexisting discovered two holes in space

Scientists discovered a star cluster in the Milky Way, a place where two black holes apparently in a “peaceful” and whose existence refutes one of the most popular theories about these astronomical phenomena.

The globular cluster m22 has a million and the two black holes, according to astronomers who know (or thought they knew), it was not possible to coexist together. According to the theory, this type of clusters with millions of stars produce black holes constantly but none remains inside the cluster due to the gravitational force that is generated there.

“The physical processes that we expect to happen are actually taking place in the cluster: black holes are more massive than stars, causing them to migrate to the center of the cluster and interact with each other, which in turn causes many holes blacks be expelled from it (wealth), “he told Jay Strader astronomer at the University of Michigan.

It is believed that even the number of black holes that live in the same cluster increases with the passing of the years and can accommodate from 5-100 black holes.

Link: Two stellar-mass black holes in the M22 globular cluster (Nature)

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