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Posted by on Jul 14, 2013 in Science |

Coffitivity, cafeteria sound help increase your creativity

Coffitivity, cafeteria sound help increase your creativity

Working from a cafe is a fad that grows over the years, to show just stop at a and count the number of people with notebooks that are in place. Some say it is the ideal choice as they have and space for any meeting schedule, while others claim that fosters creativity.

A year ago, researchers from the University of British Columbia conducted a study and found that ambient was related to the increase of creativity. The test was done to 300 participants determined to stay in an environment with moderate noise of 70 decibels (about what you hear in a cafe) helps us execute creative processes in a better way than if we remained a quiet space noisy.

If you want to test and you can not go to a coffee shop (or you’re afraid to interact with humans), the site Coffitivity has the solution. The page reproduces the usual sound of a coffee shop people muttering, cups, spoons and some other background noise, just enough to stay with the page open to listen.

Coffitivity, cafeteria sound help increase your creativity image 2

The site recommends combining audio from your music player to get a better experience. Currently only available in web version , although there are plans to launch applications for iOS and Mac in the future.

Link: Coffitivity (via Inc. )

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