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Collaborate in Kickstarter to film on Nikola Tesla

Collaborate in Kickstarter to film on Nikola Tesla

Members of the Community of Tesla are currently producing and directing a docudrama about Nikola Tesla, the eccentric Serbian electrical engineer who encouraged the use of alternating current induction motor, and also contributed to the basics of robotics and radio .

Besides that we claim to be ‘ the father of technology ‘, the author of the comic The Oatmeal is considered the biggest geek ever live and made a successful campaign to date which grossed over a million dollars for his museum.

The movie you are looking for funding through Kickstarter is called Electricity, The Life Story of Nikola Tesla , and the project is behind Wilhelm Cashen, an engineer with a long career in control systems Bourgeouis electromagnetic and Carol, who has spent years study the life and work of the Serbian inventor.

If you donate $5, you get a chapita Tesla, and $10 a sticker that says “I am helping to correct the record.” One person donated $5,000 and received the title of producer, being able to visit the movie set.

The campaign so far has U.S. $15,370 and will end in four days. Achieving the goal of $35,000 would attempt to claim a brilliant inventor who claimed at the time that “all my money I’ve invested in experiments to make new discoveries that will enable humanity to live a little better.” Of which there are few.

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