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Colombia: Ministry of Housing and ICT will provide 100,000 homes with Internet access

Colombia: Ministry of Housing and ICT will provide 100,000 homes with Internet access

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The Colombian government will provide 100,000 homes to low-income families in the next 12 to 18 months, you will have access to internet, thanks to an agreement signed today by the Ministers of Housing, Vargas Lleras, and Information Technology, Diego Molano.

“You can imagine for a boy or a girl these lower strata have a computer and access at home, not only in school, that many children changes their lives. It has a very powerful factor of equity, if children have equal access to opportunities, the factor of inequality in this country will decrease, “said the president, Juan Manuel Santos.

“The ideal is that each home is delivered with a computer,” said Santos.

Also be put in place a subsidy that will be of COP $ 300,000 (USD $170) on average, the will receive on average for every new user they have in strata 1 and 2. The idea is that telecom companies to invest in these groups, usually ignored. This subsidy can be used to pay for a computer – which depend on the strategies and promotions from ISPs – and to pay or subsidize the monthly payment for the connection.

The idea is that ISPs develop special plans for these people, through prepaid and other strategies.

The 100,000 homes that will provide the ministry of housing are given priority, but this allowance shall apply to a total of 1 million homes. Molano explained, this measure is part of the plan for to reach 8.8 million broadband users by 2014. There are currently 5.2 million people connected .

“We know that this is not to put some irons, must be mounted in an ecosystem. We are developing applications for slums, “said Molano, illustrating the installation of IP cameras in places, applications for shops and local businesses and others.

Link: ICT Ministry

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