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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Venture |

Column: How to raise funds Kickstarter

Column: How to raise funds Kickstarter

(Cc) Scott Beale

Any new idea must be tested in Kickstarter. There is much to gain and little to lose, so there is no reason not to. It is an excellent method to validate your idea and, in turn, finance and get your first customers. For all believers of the Lean Startup, should be the first step of every entrepreneur.

In Arden Reed decided to launch a campaign in early 2012 Kickstarter. We prepared well in advance and learned about the components necessary for a successful campaign. After implementing these methods, we raised 5 times our original goal . Since then we have been sharing our methodology with other entrepreneurs.

This is the first time we share this information with the public. Here it is! Four not so secret secrets that help make your campaign a success:

  1. Find your number

Did you know that 90% of projects to raise Funds 30% complete their ultimate goal? I always say that not only is important to see how much funding they need, but also see how many can raise funds. Should be able to collect 30% of the funds within the first two days to maintain momentum. This increases the likelihood that you put in the list “popular” which gives you much more visibility.

Works based on how much you can put yourself to determine your target. If you know you can raise $ 3,000 through friends and family, then your goal should be $ 10,000 based on a minimum of 30%.

  1. Do not give many options

Keep it simple. In a psychological experiment, several consumers were presented with two situations. In one case, were given six options to purchase jam. In the second case, had twenty-four options. What happened? The group had only six choices ended up buying ten times more than those who had twenty-four options.

Whether you give your fans Kickstarter too many levels of support to choose, they will be confused and will end without choosing anything. Keep it simple and only offers about five options.

  1. Tell your story the right way

Telling your story is difficult. Connecting people with your story is even more so. We build our history to Kickstarter based on established methods of marketing. These methods have over 100 years in use, but keep running until today.

It’s called AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and we base our entire writing this.

First, capture the attention of your audience with something unexpected. We like to start with a question that deals with any problems they may have.

Then catch their interest to mention the benefits they will have if they support your project. With Arden Reed, this was easy. A man in a tailored suit looks much better than with a standard size.

Continues to increase its interest to buy. Mention that you’re offering a special price and show that this opportunity will not be repeated.

Finally, direct them to take action. It’s normal to want to seize the moment to take your fans to support you on Facebook or Twitter, but do not fall into temptation. Just one thing you can ask them to do: support the project.

  1. Lean with friends and family at critical points

All Kickstarter campaign fundraising follows a curve. At first you’ll have a lot of attention and this gets to see the end before the campaign ends. In the middle, there is a period of drought that makes anyone nervous. Know that this is normal and find a way to use it.

Lean with friends and family during critical periods. Just launch the project, send emails to all your contacts. All you know are going to feel connected to your cause and will want to help. Give them to understand the urgency of reaching 30% of your target as soon as possible to be successful.

After this initial boost, stay away from email for a while. Want to keep your contacts fresh and not feel overwhelmed by your orders. At the end of the season, a few days of the end, you can contact them again to remind them.


Remember that the odds are against you. Only 44% of the levy Kickstarter projects required objective, and I’m sure most of them did not follow these points. Use these tips to raise and make your dream come true!

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