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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Venture |

Column: Why I applied for Start-Up Chile

Column: Why I applied for Start-Up Chile

Felipe del Sol is Chilean and part of with his project Admetricks. You can apply for the program before June 27.

After giving up an “excellent” job in the money table AFP Capital, I knew I had to start with something of their own. I considered various alternatives until my brother came with an excellent project Pato: Admetricks . This idea itself seemed a good project. It was clear that we had to seek alternative help to turn it into a business.

Start-Up Chile was our first choice. Not knowing in detail the program, we postulate because it was the least burdensome alternative within all state possibilities. To apply for Start-Up Chile just had to fill in a web form clear and concise answer questions about our project. If you were accepted, the program allowed us to pay the costs of development and the most fun was that we could share with people around the world that comes to creating your business to Chile.

We were selected in the Generation 5 SUP and were happy. Everything started a long way. We met our friends, we set up networks, we completed the third version of our product, we grew as a team, we closed our first customers (Universal McCann, Groupon, Google, etc) and set up networks of investors. This finally is achieved through a combination of many factors: the energy he put one on his company and the entire ecosystem support is achieved in SUP. In SUP do workshops where specific knowledge is exchanged. Those who know in depth certain topics would you teach others and vice-versa. In our case, this was a key tool.

Starting a business is not for everyone, the road is very long and complicated. But if you have the bug in now, it’s late, so you must hurry. Do not miss this opportunity: if you apply for Start-Up Chile, I recommend it with time, being honest and concise. The idea is not worth much: having the ability to run successfully is the most difficult. For the brave, I wish you luck.

* Do not forget: you can apply for Start-Up Chile only until 27 June.

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