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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Hardware News |

Comes Graphene based nanoscale storage

Comes Graphene based nanoscale storage

Scientists at the of Denmark and (China) have developed one of the smallest data media, which they assert will enable the mass production of high-capacity storage at the nanoscale.

Advanced lithographic technologies combining self-assembly and able to develop a very thin of graphene, which flows by applying high-energy electrons (300 kilo-electron voltage) by means of a (STEM) with a transmitter of only 1 nanometer in diameter, able to create patterns on the of the layer, enabling use as a storage medium.

Storage media created with this technology theoretically have a huge storage capacity and can store the contents of the books in a library in just one gram of graphene.

Its creators say that this technology is not ready for the consumer market, they have yet to develop a data writing technology nanoscale small and inexpensive that does not require the use of (computer the size of a room) that allows the construction of commercial storage media.

Link: Scientists create data storage nanoscopic graphene using ‘paper’ and electron ‘ink’ (ExtremeTech)


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