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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Social Networks |

Companies may send advertising directly on Facebook if they have your e-mail

Companies may send advertising directly on Facebook if they have your e-mail

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explained through a post on the site will offer some news for companies selling Advertising strategies that have become very important now that the social network is traded. Among the new Stores will give Facebook a list of email addresses they have collected from their customers and then send advertising via social network.

The plan would work like this: The store encrypts e-mails you have in your database, Facebook figure your own list, and then compare the two databases to find customers who are in the social network, to send messages directly through the site . No share certain information about the person (beyond knowing that a customer of the store, the company will not know further details).

Even so, the case could be invasive and alien to users, thanks to the information that the stores themselves and have customers according to records of purchases made (when your RUT such deliveries or pay by card chain).

Perhaps to remedy this, Facebook also allow users to opt out of receiving from ad networks you choose. When you see an advertisement, will display an “X” in one corner, which when pressed allows the user to send their views on the notice, or enter a link which gives the option to unsubscribe from notices provider responsible for the publicity.

In addition, Facebook said it reached an agreement with the company Datalogix, which will analyze the data for display ads on the social network and the effectiveness thereof. According to Facebook, the whole process is very secure and the privacy of the users will not be affected. We will see.

Link: Relevant ads That protect your privacy (Facebook)

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