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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Internet |

Company eliminates million in MegaUpload data “data greater slaughter” of Internet

(Cc) getButterfly / Flickr

accusing the company have eliminated millions of stored on times, without issuing a warning. The information contained on the is considered evidence in the case by Dotcom facing to the U.S. authorities.

Dotcom is required by the government on charges of facilitating copyright violation to large-scale, so was his mansion was raided in New Zealand and MegaUpload was shut . “This is the largest slaughter of data in Internet history,” said Dotcom on Twitter .

The lawyers defending MegaUpload “Leaseweb have repeatedly asked not to delete the servers while court proceedings are pending in the U.S.,” he added.

“This is what I wanted the U.S. government from the beginning. That’s why all our goods confiscated or even liberate funds to pay our hosting partners, “said Dotcom to TorrentFreak .

Other companies like and Cogent still keep missing data servers site. The fate of Carpathia data should be decided by a judge, and as that happens, the company must put $ 9,000 USD a day to keep them running and storing the data.

Kim Dotcom (Twitter)
LeaseWeb wipes all user data Megaupload, Dotcom outraged (TorrentFreak)

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