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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Science |

Company offers to send people to the moon by 2020

Company offers to send people to the moon by 2020

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Golden Spike, a private travel company so far unknown, but it began operating two years ago, announced an ambitious plan to send people to the moon. The idea is to send teams of two people to the moon’s surface and then bring them back, for $ 750 million per passenger.

If the plan is, passengers would be the first to reach the from the 17 mission in 1972. According to the firm, the first launch would cost between $7,000 million and $8,000 million, but then the following trips would be much cheaper, at a cost of $ 1,500 million each. That amount is less than what some of the cost of launching missions into space robots.

President and CEO of Golden Spike is Alan Stern, who previously headed the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, and was a researcher at the New Horizons mission, a probe that targets Pluto. According to Stern, there are governments who would be interested in sending astronauts to the moon, as well as tourists and companies (mining, for example) would pay a ticket.

The company expects to have its first passengers in 2020, but the plan is so far hypothetical. Golden Spike needs to raise USD $ 8,000 million to move forward with the idea for what they want to do a pre-sale of tickets, and sell rights to marketing and advertising (such as a brand you name the spacecraft, for example).

Golden Spike presented a concept paper that was accepted for publication in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, which discussed the possibility of using a rocket Falcon Heavy from SpaceX for a trip to the moon. Alan Stern, however, said they still do not know what system will be used to launch the ship, which may or may not SpaceX.

Bring a person back to the Moon has been complicated and expensive. NASA had a plan to carry astronauts back to the satellite, but budget problems and technology development plan ended. Can this company do?

Link: Luna-Trips: Upstart Firm Plans to Sell Journeys Round-Trip to the Moon (Scientific American)

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