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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Entertainment |

Company works to create virtual reality sexual encounters

Company works to create virtual reality sexual encounters

For years, we have seen in science fiction movies how human beings could be fed physically through stimuli in his mind, being now very close to taking the next step toward that by Company, which is developing a set of erotic video cutting will use a virtual reality helmet to make the experience more realistic.

The technology used is called Rift Oculus and it is a project to create a product to market en masse, by a company called LLC has raised funds through Kickstarter open collaborative platform, receiving the support of large participants in the entertainment industry as John Carmack and Gabe Newell, among others. The particular sexual game described by Jeroen Van den Bosch, co-founder of Robot Sinful as an erotic adventure that will provide an immersive experience to fool the brain enough to make that fiction is reality, a technology that also being used for other purposes not as carnal, as is the development of titles like and Hawken, who hopes to make something public use during the course of 2013.

Link: Virtual reality sex under development (Fudzilla)

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