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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Entertainment |

Computer program recognizes if you draw bad

Computer program recognizes if you draw bad

Researchers at the University of Art Brown, in the U.S., have developer software capable of recognizing patterns in the style of the board game Pictionary, but with the additional capability to analyze and conclude whether you have a future in the art world or you’re a complete failure.

In the style of the chess computer Deep Blue, this software also possess capabilities to compete in games of that style or Draw Something.

This type of technology and relatedness of lines drawn objects already exist in other areas such as 3D printers, but based on patterns and sketches much more accurate than a simple doodle done a Friday night last half cups.

To teach the software to recognize these representations, the developers used a massive database of and sketches worldwide. Thus, the program learned patterns based on the shape of the ear of a rabbit, and other details.

The challenge, according to the researchers detail, will make the algorithm reconocozca any doodle by itself, without having read something similar.

Without doubt, the perfect friend for any forever alone proud of his condition, can spend hours of fun.

Link: Computer Program Recognizes Sketches, Probably Still Can not Identify Your Cat Terrible Pictionary (geekosystem)

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