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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Science |

Computer to create augmented reality bulb is connected as

Computer to create augmented reality bulb is connected as

Since computers are small enough to fit almost into any everyday object-like Raspberry Pi , you can put inside a Sega Genesis – A team of students from the ( MIT) led by Natan Linder are working to create a computer that can connect directly to a socket (or socket light for some) to turn any surface into a touchscreen.

The device is called LuminAR and is able to project images on any surface and detect when a user’s finger pointing to an element in the images. The system occupies a camera, projector and software to recognize objects such as a scanner and project the images above or around them, because the idea is not dealing necessarily Linder on flat surfaces, but as an device capable of interacting with objects in their environment.

The prototype does not have enough horsepower to run the object recognition software, while occupying a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon , renowned for their power and frequently-used in smartphones, so that through the integrated Wi-Fi connects to other software that is on a remote server.

Among all possible uses of Luminar, the team showed that they can take, for example, at the counter of a store to project interactively prices and product features, or make a video call by simply bending the arm of the pointing to a wall.

The relevant aspect of the invention is that it would not need any additional infrastructure to operate, simply enough with a common socket (better known as the Edison screw ) that can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Link: Augmented Desk Light Bulb Turns Into a Touch Screen to (Technology Review)

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