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Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Hardware |

Computex 2012: Intel introduces advances in mobile technology

Computex 2012: Intel introduces advances in mobile technology

Today the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Intel’s Tom Kilroy held a conference where he mentioned the progress his company has achieved in mobile technology, including the recently released platform for Ultrabooks Ivy Bridge. This presentation showed the capabilities of currently using and several and ultrabooks focused on touch technology.

Intel has become a guideline “put the user in the computing center of the universe” Kilroy said and then explained how Intel is shaping the future and the new age of the user.

“The user experience is more important today than ever,” Kilroy said, “Before users are human and therefore everything we can perceive: what we see, what we hear, what we feel, and the fuel for this is the content “.

Users can consume up to one exabyte per day in content and 2016, 19% of mobile traffic will come from 33% smartphones and tablets.


To demonstrate his point, Kilroy did shows with multiple computers running on Intel technology, one of these teams was a smartphone with a camera 360-degree interactive video from the streets of London.

Then he spoke of the Ultrabook and relevance for college students since according to Cisco, 66% of them consider the PC with the most important tool in their daily lives. Then he showed at least 50 different Ultrabooks models, all with Intel.

But besides this technology in mobile phones and Intel is investing heavily in technology and touch this giving money to the factories to increase production capacity in tablets of 13 inches and larger.

Kilroy closed explaining Intel’s strategy for the future. Year after year are reduced and processors become faster, the technology improves and becomes more efficient, but none of this would be meaningless without the assistance of the manufacturing companies and developers.

Link: Intel’s Computex Keynote: We’re Investing in Touch, Putting First User Experience (Laptop Mag)

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