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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Internet |

Condemn Japan for up to 2 years imprisonment for those who download pirated content

Condemn Japan for up to 2 years imprisonment for those who download pirated content

Last week, approved an amendment to the Act, which provides two years in prison for all users who download copyrighted material. The law will begin operating in October.

While upload copyrighted material was penalized in a while there, the issue of discharges has caused more concern, being unsure of whether to see a YouTube video pirate could come into this category too.

Despite the change in legislation, and the fear that users can now browse the Music Industry Association of Japan is pushing for additional measures to be installed, specifically, that ISPs use software capable of identifying when someone pirated material is going up and stop the load.

Some may think that perhaps this is a highly intelligent system, but no. The only spy on surfers connections provide a comparison between the data that are jumping in contrast with the fingerprints of these files, which would be evaluated in an external database. Later, if you find any sign of agreement, it will automatically block the content that would be infringed.

According to the report public, this system would also include warnings to users who upload such content, putting them on alert that if they continue with this activity could end up with two years’ imprisonment for this type of violation of copyright. If implemented it would be one of the most invasive around the existing copyright protection so far.

Moreover, if this system would not be successful debut strange to see other governments subsequently adopting this technology. The labels say the system will also be a great benefit to ISPs, which would no longer be considered as “offenders” for not doing anything about this situation. In general, ISPs have opposed the closures and intelligence measures because they involve the installation of complicated systems that are more expensive operations.

Along with this measure, sure to also begin to arrive a hundred claims for invasion of privacy.

Link: Jail For File-Sharing Not Enough, ISP-Level Labels Want Regime Spying (Torrent Freak)

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