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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Internet | 1 comment

Confessions of a former Google employee who checked worst Internet

Confessions of a former Google employee who checked worst Internet

What if your job consisted video filter to prevent post content with child pornography, gore, necrophilia, and others? Buzzfeed interviewed a former employee who was responsible for this and that, despite the type of work performed, was not employed by the company or received psychological support to withstand the images had to do.

“On the phone, the recruiter told me that would deal with ‘sensitive content’. It occurred to me that would not work and emotional support, “says the anonymous employee.

“One of the most striking parts of my job was to work with porn issues. The child porn is important for Internet companies. By law it must be removed within 24 hours letting you know and report it to federal authorities. Nobody wanted to do it in Google. Deal with all Google products. If someone used them for child porn, had to see. Perhaps as 15,000 images per day. Google Images, Picasa, Orkut, Google Search, etc., “he says.

The guy did the job for nine months without being able to discuss it with anyone – not to burden someone else with their problems – until “Google did speak with someone from a federal agency.”

“She showed me photos of seemingly innocent activities (like a modified Rorschach test) and asked me my first gut reaction,” he explains, “then I thought I needed therapy.”

Google covered a therapy session, and then was told it would not be hired and encouraged him to continue the treatment on their own. “I think my boss was a little shocked, too, when I did not get full-time work at Google,” says the former employee. “He could not explain why I was not hired,” he says.

According to the respondent, the same has happened with other people doing the same job. “Three people here were on the midnight shift for YouTube and were promised that if they saw beheadings and child porn for all this time, would be hired. The review system is proactive YouTube – have to sit and watch it all, from 10 pm to 8 am, for a year, “he explains, without the promise to be fulfilled.

According to what you said, people engaged in the company is not very clear what these contractors, and apparently does not seem to matter much, although it is a key role in a company like Google. Someone has to clean up the garbage, they often do not want to see.

Link: Tech confessional: The googler who looked at the worst of the Internet (BuzzFeed)

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  1. i would like to say that google and the placement company they go through to hire such employees, make it very clear in their contract that this is a temporary position, from the beginning of the hiring process. they also make their employees sign an agreement, asking not to talk about such information. and they also offer counseling and encourage you to take breaks from the material, and jump to other research when necessary. i’m sorry to hear this particular employee had a bad experience, but i know people who’s managers were a lot more concerned and careful about acknowledging how challenging and emotionally draining the position can be, and helpful in reminding them that help was there when needed. once again, it’s possible this person’s manager was not as kind, and that is truly unfortunate.