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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Confirms that future Intel CPUs based mainstream Skylake will Broadwell and x86 SoCs

Confirms that future Intel CPUs based mainstream Skylake will Broadwell and x86 SoCs

A few days ago we received a report that suggested the socket LGA 1150 could be the last socket Intel , for its future mainstream (main) would SoCs x86, which would use bga contacts, making impossible the improvements of the user ; rumor gained momentum when a leaked roadmap reveals that Intel has no plans to launch new Broadwell CPUs for socket LGA-1150 DT .

Ian Yang, president of China, has revealed that his future fourth-generation core microprocessors based on its micro-architecture Haswell will be his last general purpose CPUs, as their following mainstream products based on micro-architectures will Broadwell and Skylake x86 SoCs .

This statement although for many practically confirms the rumor that the socket lga 1150 could be the last LGA socket used by Intel for its microprocessors mainstream (this decision will not affect their top-end products Core Extreme Edition, using different socket those used by mainstream CPU) could also be interpreted in other ways.

Obviously if Broadwell and Skylake are x86 SoCs may not be compatible with socket lga 1150 (in them the chipset is an independent chip CPU), so that by 2014, may continue to launch new models Intel microprocessor socket LGA-DT Haswell 1150 to more often, keeping alive to LGA 1150 a year. The real mystery is whether all x86 SoCs Intel plans to launch contacts used BGA, or decide to make some version of them also for some new socket type LGA or PGA.

Whatever Intel’s vision of the future of the PC, it is clear that may not be as customizable as the PC as we know it today, but the real question is how much will the future of motherboard manufacturers ?

For history we have Intel in their evolutionary path first created a large ecosystem that allowed the mass of x86 CPU to begin later destroy, first killing most of microprocessor manufacturers , then doing the same with the chipset manufacturers ( denying them access to their sockets), and apparently will soon be the turn of the motherboard manufacturers , which could initially motherboards offer all-in-one (with an x86 soc soldier in them) and traditional motherboards for Core Extreme Edition future, but the future prospects do not sound very promising for them.

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