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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Internet |

Controversial YouTube video about Muhammad unleashed violent protests in the Arab world

Controversial YouTube video about Muhammad unleashed violent protests in the Arab world

The tension in the Arab world is reaching highs yesterday after a group of people enraged by a video that ridicules the prophet Mohammed, attacked and burned the consulate in the city of in Libya, killing Christopher Stevens, U.S. States in that country.

The video has sparked madness is the advancement of independent film ” Innocence of Muslims “(Innocence of Muslims), and that would have been made by an Israeli living in the U.S., shows performing actions that are interpreted as offensive by Muslims, such as oral sex to a woman:

To prevent the “contagion” of violence, the Afghan government decided to block access to for over an hour and a half. Outlines international media that after blocking the video Internet in remained accessible, but given the slow Internet connections there, watching the video is an “odyssey”.

The Afghan government says his intention is to prevent violence, to which want to know about the existence of the controversial video in mosques, and not on the Internet, as clarified Marjanel Aimal, a senior official of the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology:

“The website YouTube has been blocked for about 90 minutes. Now we have unlocked (…) According to the Ministry of Information and Culture, YouTube has removed the video offensive. YouTube is again accessible throughout the country. “

Egypt and Yemen have also been the scene of violent protests, so since Google decided that while not withdraw the controversial YouTube video about Muhammad, yes they will inaccessible from Benghazi (Libya) and (Egypt) to prevent further violence. I guess then do the same in Yemen …

And is that for the people of Mountain View has not been easy the situation, since video block (that while offends Muslims, does not contain prohibited material according to company policies) may be interpreted as censure or outrage at freedoms. Thus from Google argues its decision in a statement:

“This video clearly falls within our guidelines and therefore remain on YouTube (…) However, given the very difficult situation in and Egypt, we have temporarily restricted his access in both countries (…) Our hearts are with the families of the people killed in yesterday’s attack on Libya. “

The full video can be seen on YouTube, and also to show Muhammad drinking and kissing women, proves to be a very low budget production:

A curious fact is worth noting that the cast and crew of “Innocence of Muslims” released a statement in which he denied any responsibility for the content of the film, ensuring that the producer and director of the same, Sam Bacile, had manipulated the script without communicating with the transformed video offensive to believers in Muhammad …

Then I wonder: Do not they would realize what they recorded when they were recording? That while there may be manipulation in the editing, I think so they knew where they got, though perhaps not imagined the impact that video would bring.

Meanwhile the United States, after the assault on its embassy in Libya and the killing of three of its Ambassador and diplomatic officials, has decided to send two warships to the coast of that country … Are we facing a new war? In any event, in this case Internet plays a major role, because in the era before YouTube would be impossible to imagine something like what is happening.

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