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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Internet |

Convicted South Koreans to 10 months in prison for defaming the Internet

Convicted South Koreans to 10 months in prison for defaming the Internet

(C) Wired

A Seoul court held a sentence of up to 10 months in prison to a group of South Koreans, by launching a smear campaign on the internet from a hip-hop. The defendants said the player known as ” Tablo “, a Korean-Canadian in 32 years that actually called Daniel Seon Woong Lee, had lied about his education and his undergraduate and master’s degrees at Stanford University were false.

The musician sued in 2010, after the police investigation confirmed that their titles were genuine, thereby sentenced three of the eight to 10 months in prison, while the other five penalties fulfilled released. The subject appealed, but the court upheld the sentences for seven of the accused while suspended sentence of one of those who go to jail for medical reasons.

¿10 months will not be much ‘trollear’? “We need severe punishment to prevent an incident like this from happening again,” said the court.

The issue of education is quite sensitive in South Korea, where winning titles is an important task in the life of any respectable citizen. Previously it had discovered a number of celebrities and officials who have lied about their educational credentials to improve their image, so that the charges against Tablo, but were false, sounded plausible at the beginning.

In fact, the campaign launched against the musician with alleged evidence that would prove the falsity of their caused people attacked him in the street and threatened his family, making had to hide and avoid going out in public. At least it is clear that the judgment had not lied and actually had studied at Stanford, where he graduated in the top 15% of their class.

Tablo’s case also highlights the issue of online harassment. The country has one of the toughest laws against in the world, implemented in 2008, which allows police to investigate and stop hateful remarks even if no one has complained against them.

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