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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Core i3-3120 vs. Core i3-2120: Ivy Bridge-DT-DT vs Sandi Bridge

Core i3-3120 vs. Core i3-2120: Ivy Bridge-DT-DT vs Sandi Bridge

In recent months launched its new microprocessors third-generation Core “Ivy Bridge” ; microprocessors that replace microprocessors second generation core “Sandy Bridge”. From 3D Center comes an interesting collection on performance Core i3-3120, a product that replaces the Core i3-2120 microprocessor.

Both chips have two cores running at a frequency of 3.3GHz, and thanks to HyperThreading technology are capable of running up to four processing threads simultaneously (under certain conditions), both also equipped with integrated graphics (HD Graphics 2500 in the i3-3120 and HD Graphics 2000 in the i3-2120).

Although the specifications of both models are quite similar, one would expect improvements trails thanks to the new architecture of third generation Core i3-3120, but unfortunately this is not the case, according to data compiled by 3D Center, we have the Core i3-3120 is on average between 2.7 to 3.3% higher than the “old” Core i3-2120 for performance of the itself.

In the graphic, the HD Graphics 2500 integrated graphics which is equipped with the Core i3-3120 show a performance improvement of between 22-33% compared to the HD Graphics 2000 graphics Core i3-2120.

The data are not surprising at all, because we knew that the yield per of microarchitecture, exceeded by between 3-5% to the microarchitecture.

We recommend reviewing the full reviews mydrivers and Zol, which based its 3D data Center.

Link: Erste Tests von Ivy Bridge-Desktopmodellen DualCore (3D Center)

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