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Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in Hardware News |

Corsair 30GB Accelerator Cache SATA-2 SSD Drive Safe

Corsair 30GB Accelerator Cache SATA-2 SSD Drive Safe

In recent years SSDs have gained great popularity with the high costs of current magnetic hard disks, although their cost per GB is still more than the traditional hard disk drives , for many users is an alternative to take into account for their great performance.

offers a wide range of SSDs that cover the various needs of users, among them are its accelerator Series drives, which can fulfill the function of a traditional SSD, but thanks to NVELO Dataplex software can act as a kind disk cache to increase performance of your magnetic hard disk, making the combination of both in something close to a hybrid drive.

The Legit Reviews did a mini-review of the Corsair unit Accelerator 30gb SSD Cache SATA-2 Drive, which will cost $ 54.99 and promises five times the performance of relatively slow hard drives. For this review used a hard drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB. Here some of the test:

Computer HDD 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue:
PCMark 7: 2358 points
Windows load: 28 seconds

Computer HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB + 30GB Corsair SSD Cache Accelerator Drive:
PCMark 7: 3349 points
Windows load: 15 seconds

The results are not as good as the Corsair promises, but they are still very good results.

Note that this unit is unfriendly to novice users, it does not come with the necessary utilities to take advantage, which must be downloaded from the Corsair website, another point to mention is its incompatibility with the motherboard with Nvidia chipset ( division Nvidia closed in March 2010 ), configuration is not supported by the unit due to lack of support from Nvidia, causing data corruption.

We recommend reading the full review at Legit Reviews.

Link: Corsair 30GB SSD Accelerator Cache Drive Review (Legit Reviews)

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