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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Internet |

Court orders the FBI to copy data from hard drives Megaupload

Court orders the FBI to copy data from hard drives Megaupload

The case of versus follows its natural course, passing month, is still working out the allegations, and from time to time a judge gives a further notice in order to advance to the date where it will solve everything. And this time, the order is for the and has begun to be fulfilled as soon as possible: Judge Helen Winkelmann ruled that all files on hard drives seized from Megaupload must be copied promptly.

The task is not for nothing less, considering that in total are more than 150 TB of data content, and according to a source close to the case in 10 days you can copy about 29 TB of information, the estimated total, do you . The issue is particularly striking in terms of time, as the lawyers working for the U.S. government and complained that the work is titanic, and perhaps might even be a waste of time when may never be extradited to the United States.

Another important point that has both sides on the prowl, is the possibility that the copied files from hard disks is also delivered to the group of lawyers who defended the owner of Megaupload, to prepare the best defense. But the U.S. government would be trying to stop this, saying that in order to deliver the information required to be submitted formally charged this before a U.S. judge. Something clearly must be in the lowest of priorities Dotcom.

For now, despite complaints from some lawyers, the only thing clear is that the files of the hard drives need to be copied or yes. Already in a couple of days will be resolved to whom delivery or not that information.

Link: FBI Told to copy data Seized Dotcom (NZ Herald)

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