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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Science |

Cows produce genetically modified hypoallergenic milk

Cows produce genetically modified hypoallergenic milk

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NZ scientists created genetically modified cows to produce with almost no beta-lactoglobulin , a that causes allergies in some children.

This milk contains 96% less of this protein than normal, and more protein than other types, so it is still nutritious, the researchers said. This milk could benefit from 2% to 3% of children who are allergic to milk in their first year of life. Rarely this allergy is maintained in adulthood.

The researchers modified DNA from these cows to inhibit the genes responsible for the production of beta-lactoglobulin. The technique was tested first in mice, and could be used to make other changes in animal production.

In fact, there have been several experiments with cows, to produce “infant formula” or “human milk” .

Perhaps we also milk “natural” lactose?

Link: GM cows produce milk hypoallergenic (Telegraph)

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