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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

CPU AMD K10.5 discontinue its mid next year

CPU AMD K10.5 discontinue its mid next year

Launched in early 2009, the based microprocesaodres microarchitecture (Phenom II, and Sempron 100/200 Series) still continue to have good sales, representing 17.3% of the sales volume of AMD microprocessors ; but informs us Fudzilla, AMD has decided to discontinue them before the end of next year.

AMD Phenom II microprocessors discontinued its X6 in December last year , and they will be joined by its microprocessors X4 (Deneb and Zosma) and Athlon II X4 (Propus), which will be on Q2 2013 (April to June); date that AMD will stop manufacturing them, but still see some of them in stock for a few weeks / months until the completion of the stocks available.

Apparently AMD has decided to keep alive their CPUs Athlon II X2 (Regor) and Sempron (Sargas), which still continue production until late 2013.

Since a few days ago AMD Llano APUs discontinued their (based Husky core microarchitecture K10.6, K10.7 although others call it consider as “Phenom II X6″ true K10.6), expected missing not long for their turn to K10.5 old but still popular, but the real surprise is that still continue in force until next year.

Given the rapid disappearance of K10.5, micro-modular architectures (Bulldozer and Piledriver) definitely take place in the lower ranges K10.5, middle and upper AMD, but that does not mean that the K10 microarchitecture has disappeared, but on the contrary, it remains valid in the current Brazos platform / Brazos 2.0 (based on the Bobcat core), and is expected to make an appearance next year Temash and Kabini APUs, which will be based on the most Recent developments in low-power oriented K10: the future Jaguar microarchitecture .

Link: Socket AM3 Continues to Q2 2013+ (Fudzilla)

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