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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Hardware News |

CPUs Intel Core i5 based on Haswell-DT will be priced from $184

Intel Core i5 CPUs based on Haswell-DT will be priced from U.S. $184

is working on future fourth-generation core chips, which will be based on the new microarchitecture, which informs us Fudzilla, come with prices starting at U.S. $184 for their versions tray (CPU without box) and from U.S. $195 for boxed versions.

Future fourth Generation Core microprocessors based on Haswell will be available in versions: Haswell-DT, Haswell and Haswell-MB-ULT, focused on desktops, laptops and ultrabooks respectively, which will be made up from two to four cores and accompanied by the IGP HD Graphics GT1, GT2 or GT3 . In addition there will also be oriented versions workstations and servers that have four to twelve cores and will by code names: Haswell-IN, Haswell and Haswell-EP-EX.

This price makes us think that Intel initially launch editions of medium and high end of its new and i7 microprocessors fourth generation, and perhaps book launch editions Core i3, Pentium and Celeron lowest price for several months, depleted stocks while their counterparts in previous generations.

The good news is that these prices indicate that Intel filtered keep the price level of its current Core i5 microprocessors whose exponent less powerful: Core i5-3450 has exactly the same price as the filtrate in their editions tray and box (box ). The bad news is that these chips require new socket motherboards.

Link: Haswell starts from $184 (Fudzilla)

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