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Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

CPUs Intel Ivy Bridge-EN/EP will up to 12 cores

Intel CPUs will Ivy Bridge-EN/EP up to 12 cores

plans to launch between July and September of next year its new chips based on Ivy Bridge cores and EP, which will give better performance to existing platforms -IN Romley-EP and Romley , for be mechanical and electrically compatible with socket and LGA 1356.

Some time ago a copy was leaked Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon with 10 cores , which appeared to be the greatest exponent based on the core, but new information coming from Computerbase indicates that the core Ivy Bridge-EP is comprised of a total of 12 cores (24 threads of processing), so we assume that the previously leaked copy had two disabled cores.

According to new information based on Xeon microprocessors have Bridge-EN/EP Ivy versions with four, six, eight, ten and twelve cores, up to 30MB of L3, memory controller integrated DDR3-1866 ECC, and TDPs of 45, 60, 70, 80, 95, 115 and 130W depending on the number of cores and frequency. We assume that as in the present Bridge-EN/EP Sandy, Intel chip manufacture two variants, one with six cores and another with 12 cores, which derive versions with different numbers of cores enabled / disabled.

Intel CPUs will Ivy Bridge-EN/EP up to 12 cores image 2

Intel CPUs will Ivy Bridge-EN/EP up to 12 cores image 3

As for the future Ivy Bridge-E, successor of Sandy Bridge-E, we assume that will be based on the 6-core version, following Intel’s policy to limit its six-core microprocessors aimed at high-end desktop (Sandy Bridge-E is based on Sandy Bridge-EP, but has two of its eight cores disabled).

Ivy Bridge-E will continue to support existing Patsburg chipsets, but also launch a new chipset with lower consumption codenamed still unknown.

Link: Ivy Bridge-EN/EP“ mit bis zu 12 Kernen bei 130 Watt TDP (Computerbase)

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