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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Science |

Crean ‘jellyfish’ synthetic cells of a rat and silicone

(CC) MrBobDobolina

A team of bioengineers at Harvard created the medusoide, made of an organic layer – created muscle cells of a rat – fused with a synthetic layer of silicone rubber. The body moves and nothing similar to a jelly when they apply electricity to the liquid in which it floats, which subsequently contracts the muscle is again stretched silicone.

Kevin Kit Parker , a biophysicist at Harvard and project leader, said that “morphologically, we have created a jellyfish. Functionally, we have created a jellyfish. Genetically, this thing is a rat, “said the scholar who normally works in creating artificial models of human heart tissue for research on organ regeneration and drug test, who explained that his invention is to understand the “fundamental laws of the heart pumping.”

In the study, published in the journal Nature , explain that mapped all the body cells of the common (Aurelia aurita) to understand as swimming, learning that the jellyfish had a single layer of muscle fibers that are closely aligned around a central ring. Based on that, they could build the medusoide that is capable of swimming when placed between two electrodes in the water.

The idea also is to allow testing of drugs that improve the performance of the heart, as the team now plans to start building a medusoide using cells of a human heart and to reverse-engineer other forms of marine life such as octopus.

Link: Scientists engineer a cyborg jellyfish from rat cells and silicone (io9)

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