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Crean not use lens camera to take a picture

Crean not use lens camera to take a picture

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Bell Labs developed a camera with a technique called compressive sensing that allows you to take pictures and using as just a pixel sensor. This technique has the potential to revolutionize photography, now it depends on the lens to create an image, and a device to capture it as an array of pixels, or light-sensitive film.

This is because the technique is based on the assumption that many daily measurements are much redundancy, making it possible to acquire the same data only making very specific measurements, where the technique focuses on knowing what measurements are required and how to unite later.

The prototype was created with inexpensive components and commercially available, and is relatively simple: A LCD panel acts as an array of slots that open individually and allow light to pass a single sensor, which can detect only three light colors (although scientists say it could also be used for other ranges as infrared spectrum).

The more pictures you take, the more richly detailed the photo. Anyway, you can create a decent image using only a fraction of the data needed to make a stock photograph. For example, scientists took the picture below with only 25% of the data that could be recorded.

Crean not use lens camera to take a picture image 2


Compressive Sensing Lensless Imaging

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