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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Science |

Crean optical lenses without distortion from 60 nanometers thick

Crean optical lenses without distortion from 60 nanometers thick

(CC) San Diego Shooter

A team of physicists from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard created an ultra-thin lens of only 60 nanometers thick-almost-dimensional, easy to build and can focus without distortion from wide near-infrared wavelength to radiation terahertz , which means that the operate in the electromagnetic spectrum suitable for telecommunications.

“Our lens opens up to new types of technology. We present new ways to build lenses. Instead of the phase delay that occurs when the material passes across, we are creating the direct phase change in the lens surface. It’s exciting, “says Federico Capasso, the lead researcher.

To manufacture the flat lenses, Capasso and his team applied a thin coating of silicone in a gold layer only nanometers wide. After extracting the gold layer being an array of structures in a ‘V’ distributed in rows along the surface.

When shooting a laser through the lens, the structures act as nano-antennas that capture the light for a while before releasing. These small delays are those that change the direction of light in the same way that an optical lens thickness but with the difference that no distortions are created whatsoever.

The way they are distributed nano-antennas, as well as its size, angle and gaps between them, allows ‘set’ the lens to specific wavelengths of light, which would open their application to all types of optical components eventually could be replaced by these flat lenses.

Link: Flat Lens Offers a Perfect Image (ScienceDaily)

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