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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Crean robot slicing noodles

Crean robot slicing noodles

Chef Cui is a robot made to slice the noodles that are typically used regularly to Asian diners, may sound trite, but in countries like Japan, China and the noodles Cora is a very ordinary food and the invention of a robot as this is a big help if in restaurant kitchens.

The robot that for now only sold in China only for two things, slice and empty the noodles on a bowl of water but, for some reason, we included lights, perhaps to make it look nice. The cost of this is about USD $2,000 and the idea is that you can replace a kitchen helper that year would earn about $4,700 for the same work.

The demand for this robot seems to be high because when 3,000 units were sold and more are on the way.

It is certainly a curiosity than a half-robot prepares your food, but nothing can replace the human touch, of course, we understand that some of the helpers are unhygienic, report for duty without bathing, to sneeze on the food that you get angry and spat you’re going to eat, you had a bad day and walked lettuce hamburger you are eating, do not wash their hands after using the bathroom but in the end, they’ll wave back with a smile .

Link: Meet Chef Cui, China’s Noodle-Slicing Robot (Geekosystem)

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