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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Science |

Create a prototype camera that can capture data megapixel 50,000

Create a prototype camera that can capture data megapixel 50,000

(C). DukeUniversity

Electrical engineers at and the have created a that can capture no more and no less than 50 gigapixels of data. If we consider that the cameras we use are usually between 8 and 40 megapixels, we can give an idea of the accuracy of these images: The zoom still have excellent quality.

Specifically: The resolution of this new device is five times greater than our normal vision and the camera can capture in images objects and elements that the human eye can not see when you take the picture.

How have they achieved? 98 tiny cameras are synchronized and have included them all in one device.

Next challenge: Make smaller electronic components of the camera and increase the processing power to make it more practical. Believe that within five years may be a generation of cameras with this precision to the general public and to researchers and media communication.

For now, likely will use this prototype for automated military surveillance. The military environment is often one of the first to benefit from these advances and now have long-gigapixel camera. For example, some unmanned U.S. planes have cameras that take pictures with a resolution of 1.8 gigapixels.

For if this camera in the future is available to the media, few secrets escape them … reporters can take photos to many meters and will remain good quality.

Create a 50-gigapixel camera, five times more accurate than human vision (Madrid + d)
University of Arizona

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