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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Science |

Create a smart fabric pillows and mattresses to help us sleep better

Create a smart fabric pillows and mattresses to help us sleep better

cc @ StephanieHofschlaeger

Scientists continue to add properties to smart fabrics, if you talk for a while they were designing uniforms for intelligent fabric British soldiers, now this new proposal is for all mortals and most peaceful: We will help you . And that is thanks to a technology called developed by researchers at the (UPV) in collaboration with a company specializing in the rest.

What does this placed on our pillows and mattresses? Emit to create a relaxing atmosphere. The tissue contains microparticles that are generated by these ions and to be released by the friction of our bodies on the web smarter.

And by the way, negative ions neutralize the positive ions, which do not suit us at all and are harmful to health. Positive ions are generated by pollution and by magnetic fields of electrical, causing headaches, malaise,

Instead what we can do for negative ions? Well, according to studies by polysomnography, positive changes in sleep and oxygen saturation in blood. It also reduces the batteries, strengthen the immune system and improve mood, because they help our brain to release the substance that makes us be of good cheer serotonin.

The reason for the creation of this fabric was the increasing number of diseases that are directly with no sleep or rest properly. We must bear in mind that we sleep is half of life and we normally do well in the same place.

So that is why they have applied this technology to mattresses and pillows. Next step: the bedding. I suspect it’s going to be costly … But hey, if you can pay what better to invest in health? Maybe this technology do well to have developed “allergy to Wi-Fi”.

So get ready to sleep like kids with these new pillows. I guess the most restless, those who do not stop tossing and turning in bed, will fill the air most of the rooms of negative ions …

Link: Create a smart fabric that creates healthier environments break (Technology Trends)

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