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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Science |

Create an element harder than diamond

Create an element harder than diamond

(C) Lin Wang, Carnegie Institution

Researchers at the Carnegie Institute have invented a new element crystal structures and chaotic amalgam of to create an element harder than diamond.

To create the new element, we assume that broke the Mohs scale – Carnegie team built the carbon atoms with a spherical structure called carbon-60 , then connected all these areas filling in the blanks with a solvent called xylene and began pressing the element to make it stronger (such as the pressure inside a forging volcano diamonds).

Under a pressure of 320,000 atmospheres (or 230,400,000 mm Hg) some of the areas of carbon-60 begins to collapse into clusters of carbon atoms while others maintain their structure, forming an extremely strong network of links. The result is a never-before-seen carbon mixing and chaotic crystalline structures that previously had only been theorized by geologists.

“We created a new type of carbon material that is comparable to diamond in its inability to be compressed,” said project leader Wang Lin “Once created under these extreme pressures, this material can exist in normal conditions, which means that can be used for a wide range of practical applications. “

Link: New Form of Carbon Super Hard Can Dent Discovered Diamonds (

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