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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Science |

Create robot that runs like a cat

Create robot that runs like a cat

Cheetah-Cub (cub cheetah) is a that tries to mimic the way they move with the cats. It was developed with funding from the European Commission for the Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne in Switzerland, and its size is similar to a common housecat.

The robot weighs less than 30 kilos and slightly reminiscent of Boston Dynamics Alpha Dog , but in miniature. The Cheetah-Cub has legs only 15 cm long, which can reach a maximum speed of 1.42 m / s.

Investigators initially focused on making the robot out fast, but also a design mission allow agile and can move through difficult terrain. “The great potential for robots with legs are rough terrain applications, scanning for example. Can you think of a human or an animal climbing a mountain, it is much harder for a machine with wheels or tracks progress in this area, “explains Alexander Sproewitz, Biorobotics lab.

For now, the Cheetah-Cub is just a research robot, with which scientists seek to identify ways of and complexity of the spinal cord to control limbs of animals.

Link: Cheetah-Cub – a compliant quadruped robot (Biorobotics Laboratory EPFL via TechCrunch )

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