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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Hardware News |

Create the first semiconductor transistor without

Create the first semiconductor transistor without

For many decades, the industry is based on transistors and semiconductors (conductor / insulator), and it is believed that the industry due to lower manufacturing processes in development, will be sustained for about 2 decades before reach their physical limits.

at the have found a way to replicate the functions of conductive and semiconductors (such as silicon) using a “quantum tunnel” formed by layers of nanotubes (insulator) with dots (conductor ) on their surface, which material successfully achieved conduct electrical signals from one to another with precision and stability.

Its developers claim that this material can be reduced to dimensions much smaller than the physical limits of semiconductors, besides having no energy leaks, and be able to operate at room temperature, unlike previous developments that needed to be cooled by liquid helium.

It is still unknown when it will be available this technology to manufacture chips aimed at the consumer market, but for now it is interesting to know that there are already solutions that could replace semiconductors in a few years.

Link: Transistor Created Without Semiconductor (Overclockersclub)


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