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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Science |

Creates transparent solar panel that collects infrared light

Creates transparent solar panel that collects infrared light


Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA , invented a new type of polymer photovoltaic cell that is 70% transparent, and that converts infrared light, invisible to the human eye into electrical energy.

Yang Yang , a professor of materials science and engineering at and project leader, said : “These results open the potential for using this material in smart windows and electronic devices, or integrated into building construction and other applications. Our new polymer photovoltaic cell is made of plastic-like materials, light and flexible, and most importantly, that can be produced in high volumes at low cost, “said the academic.

Previous attempts to create transparent or semi-transparent usually ended without allowing optimal passage of visible light, and also had a very low conversion efficiency. This new material has an efficiency of 4%, while it may seem small, is only slightly less than half that of an ordinary panel (and visible).

Link: Transparent solar cells allow for infrared-harvesting windows (Wired UK)

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