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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

Creative Launches Beta drivers and utilities for Windows 8

Creative Labs Launches Beta drivers and utilities for Windows 8

If there is something that many users are critical to Creative Labs, is very careless that we have (yes, also I have a audio card from Creative Labs), as almost never deign to update their drivers, even though they are many things by polishing.

Surprisingly has released new Beta drivers designed for Microsoft Windows operating system 8 and some of their sound card and speakers. We also have a new version of ALchemy utility, which comes to version 1.43.25 and allows users to enjoy EAX effects in games and applications from operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Since two years ago that Creative Labs did not update their drivers for your sound card X-Fi , and while we still have no new version for Windows 7, if we have new drivers for for the following products:

Link: New drivers for all Creative audio cards (Necacom)

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