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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Internet |

Creator of Google Reader says never would have invented in the current Google

Creator of Google Reader says never would have invented in the current Google

was the person behind Reader, the service that makes news these days after its closure after nearly eight years of operation . Some time ago is no longer in Google, and now says it would have been impossible to implement Reader in the current form of the company.

Wetherell is accurate in his statements: if the idea had it today, rather than trying to explore within Google, give up and try to develop the project on its own. “No way you would in Google. I would hate having to face it to Google Plus. That would be very frustrating, “believes Chris Wetherell.

The former employee also adds that today it is possible to create a product of Google, and then the bosses do not care how people use the product, something like what happened with the same Reader. “If I were part of the leadership of Google, my concern would be that you are not encouraging employees to build interesting things.”

Jenna Bilotta, co-founder of the implementation Avocado with Chris Wetherell and former member of the group that worked on Reader, also has a similar view. “Anyone with a great idea, would do well to leave the company to protect that idea.”

While the closure of is still in the spotlight, people seem to be interested in keep finding responsible, as well as a substitute. Have you really changed the way people read their news, or is it just the great excuse of Google?

Link: Google Reader Founder: I Never Would Have Founded Inside Today’s Google Reader (Forbes)

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