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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

Crystalwell have a 512-bit bus

Crystalwell have a 512-bit bus

Just a few days to reveals details of its new micro-architecture Haswell, and as the date approaches for it, your data leaks and specifications continue to flood the web.

A few days ago leaked that the Haswell IGP GT3 official at frequencies below 800MHz , and now we get some details Crystalwell , the graphics memory on-die CPU to integrate the high-end notebooks based on Haswell microarchitecture.

is the code name for a dedicated graphics memory chips found in the package of microprocessors Haswell-MB (and perhaps from Haswell-ULT) high end. These are the type chips (similar to the LP-DDR3 memories) and will be connected to the by a data bus of 512 bits.

It is estimated that if Crystalwell would have a frequency of 1066MHz, the bandwidth would be comparable to the GDDR5 memory with 128-bit bus running at 1GHz, which would exceed the bandwidth of any IGP architecture industry with (Unified Memory Architecture), ie to the IGP shared memory controller CPU (Trinity included).

Remember that it was rumored that amd IGP Devastator, which would be included with some versions of high-end Trinity APU, similar to incorporate Crystalwell dedicated memory but Sideport called , but there are no signs that this development has been used in some version of Trinity, so it is likely to debut next year with Kaveri APU (Trinity’s successors).

No doubt next year will be very interesting to see the leap in graphics performance than dedicated graphics memory provides the IGP of both companies (Haswell and Kaveri).

Link: Crystalwell is very wide memory for Haswell GT3 (SemiAccurate)

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