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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Hardware News |

CTX2012: ASUS AM3 Motherboard + Intel Thunderbolt?!

CTX2012: ┬┐ASUS AM3 Motherboard + Intel Thunderbolt?!

We have seen strange things like ASRock boards support different processor technologies through adapters very rare, but extremely well made, in nature we have the case of the platypus, an animal that appears to have parts of many others but no, he is well and of course the great new idea for your plates asus am3 + CPU compatible with the newer AMD, as the FX-8150 : support for Thunderbolt, the standard that tries to put over USB 3.0.

It is true, have been killed carrying bricks (proverb used when doing strange things), but that if it is strange, as well as see a penguin flying and motherboard supports Intel Thunderbolt has ASUS .

Now, the photographs showing the plates with the support. CTX2012: ┬┐ASUS AM3 Motherboard + Intel Thunderbolt?! image 2

More pictures in the gallery:

Link: ASUS AMD’s AM3 + Motherboards Intel Thunderbolt to get support? (VR-Zone)

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