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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

CTX2012: ASUS ZEUS, Sandy Bridge-E plus dual GPU

CTX2012: ASUS ZEUS, Sandy Bridge-E plus dual GPU

It seems strange that a manufacturer has come up with the idea of putting on a motherboard GPUs support high performance PCI-Express 3.0, with almost all go towards making more powerful pieces separately, but, with this motherboard is more than clear the enormous potential of engineers could create this new concept in high-performance hardware.

CTX2012: ASUS ZEUS, Sandy Bridge-E plus dual GPU image 2

Among the specifications we have a socket compatible with Sandy Bridge CPUs and chipset X79 E, 8 RAM slots supporting up to 128GB, up from 64GB than we normally have. As for energy, have for the CPU 10 phases VRM Digi +, while in the bottom of the socket are the VRMs of GPUs integrated into the motherboard, which are hidden under a sink that combines with the motherboard and whose connectors 6 and 8 pin is at the bottom, close to the memories of each GPU. By the way, do not forget that this motherboard is also compatible with all known ports (USB to 3.0, eSATA, analog and digital audio, etc.), adds support for Thunderbolt.

CTX2012: ASUS ZEUS, Sandy Bridge-E plus dual GPU image 3

ASUS has not reported what kind of GPU is, but there are some suspicions that AMD and particularly a pair of HD 7970, as NVIDIA does not recognize the compatibility of this platform with PCI-Express 3.0. Finally, within the ports that have this motherboard has 8 ports SATA 6 Gbps (2 X79 chipset and 6 through another driver), 12 USB 3.0 (8 on the rear panel and 4 via an adapter), Gigabit Ethernet port and audio that we told you earlier, 8 +2 Channel HD.

With this motherboard, it comes to our mind the type of products produced by GIGABYTE, when integrated audio and network drivers, but led to a higher level.

Link: ASUS X79 ZEUS Combine with Dual-GPU HEDT (VR-Zone)

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