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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

CTX2012: Notebook MSI GX60 gamer with Trinity and HD 7970M

CTX2012: Notebook MSI GX60 gamer with Trinity and HD 7970M

Let us agree that the presence of AMD-based notebook platforms Trinity was not what was expected, but this gives for a complete article, so do not address the possible causes of this situation.

Moving on, this notebook has all the characteristics necessary to be considered gamer, ie has an APU A10-4600m quad core based on the architecture Piledriver (actually two modules Piledriver with four integer calculation units) 15.6-inch screen, keyboard, SteelSeries , Dynaudio sound and a discrete video card HD 7970M.

Speaking of performance, discrete video card is assisted by the integrated ATI Radeon HD 7660G and although not of the same architecture (VLIW-4 for the 7660G and 7970M CNG) can operate together seamlessly. For its part, the 7970M HD really does not equate with the performance displayed by the desktop PC version and as the boys from VR-Zone, its performance approaches that of an HD 7870.

Finally, in terms of storage, this notebook has two solid state drives – also known as SSD – 64GB 2 x U100 SSD in RAID-0 for OS and a hard disk Western Digital 500GB for mass storage and it off, have a Killer NIC Atheros chip for WiFi, all just to have the lowest latencies.

Price not know anything, but certainly should be level from its competitors with Ivy Bridge.

Link: Gaming Laptop MSI’s GX60 eat Equipped with Radeon HD 7970M … and Trinity A10-4600m APU (VR-Zone

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