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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

CTX2012: The cost of Thunderbolt does not convince manufacturers

CTX2012: The cost of Thunderbolt does not convince manufacturers

Ian Cutress – Anandtech

Outset that was closed to the possibility that was the only standard high speed and in this position, decided to create their own standard for the industry to take the harsh but necessary decision to prefer one over another, like the Roman circus .

Well, the development of this story has taken many months and will continue to take, but today, in the will write another chapter, where are manufacturers who estimate that the cost of this new technology will be the main barrier to overcome for be able to compete with USB 3.0, hoping that the speed with which the new standard Intel is trying to implement the philosopher’s stone that gives the victory.

The obstacle is on the cost side of the controllers, which are still highly expensive and also products that support this technology is no more. Despite this, the forecast does not decay Intel expect their technology reaches the notebooks, computers all in one, also the NAS and a great host of other products which it says could make a quantum leap in speed due to new standard.

For now at Computex, there are at least 60 products being presented and are compatible with this new standard and manufacturers like Acer, Apple, Computer, Aja, Blackmagic, Technology, LaCie, Lenovo, MOTU, Promise Technology, Seagate and Universal Audio.

As to whether Thunderbolt is better or worse than USB 3.0 judge you, but as personal opinion, I think Intel’s recommendation is closely enough to not be fair, considering that there are still just promises of cheaper cables and controllers .

Link: Price to become major obstacle for the Standardization of Thunderbolt (DigiTimes)

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