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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Internet |

Cuba opens Internet centers with high prices

Cuba opens Internet centers with high prices

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opened more than 100 access points, in a sign of openness that is taking the government to the information coming from other parts of the world. However, using the internet for an hour in one of these centers cost a fifth of the average monthly salary, which does not make them truly accessible.

The fee is U.S. $ 4.50 an hour, and when you consider that on average Cuban earns $ 20 a month (have to consider subsidized goods and services), it becomes almost prohibitive. On the other hand, enter the Cuban Intranet will cost USD $ 0.60 an hour, while reviewing an international mail will cost USD $ 1.50 an hour.

According to government figures, only 2.9% of the inhabitants of Cuba claimed to have accessed the Internet, although there is a black market to enter the network that could increase the official number.

Anyway, is a breakthrough and in Cuba some compare to when cell phones were introduced in Havana in 2008, when it cost $ 100 to open a line. Today costs $ 15 to 1.3 million people accessed mobile, according to 2011 statistics.

Until you get off, with this price will probably be used only for important things Internet, and not to watch YouTube or play MMORPGs.

The opening of these centers was made ​​possible thanks to fiber optic cable was sent from Venezuela to the island in January .

Cuba will continue to block some consider questionable websites that contain pornographic or politically sensitive. Internet connections at home are rare in Cuba and connections can be found mostly to tourists in hotels.

Link: Cubans try out new public Internet centers (AP)

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