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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity left his first footprints on the soil of Mars

Curiosity left his first footprints on the soil of Mars


After checking that all systems were working well, began to move, advancing 4.5 meters, rotating 120 degrees, and then back 2.5 meters. The probe is now about six feet from where he landed, now called “Bradbury Landing” by Ray Bradbury , a writer who would have turned 92 years today.

As a good robot, Curiosity sent some pictures of his tracks, which not only serve to show that moved, but allow scientists to determine that the ground is firm and no obstacles to the advancement of the rover. Henceforth, the trip should be smooth.

Curiosity also sprayed his first rock a few days ago using the ChemCam laser instrument, the analysis showed that basalt is probably generated by volcanic processes. Common elements were identified as oxygen and carbon, and also traces of titanium, manganese and lithium.

An overview of what’s around the and its traces can be seen on the NASA site .

Link: Curiosity Rover makes first tracks on Mars (Wired)

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