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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity: NASA family will live on Mars time

Curiosity: NASA family will live on Mars time

When the lands on on Monday, David Oh , the flight director of NASA-will have to start living in the times of the red planet to oversee the entire operation of the rover from Earth (Curiosity will not work during the Martian night ), this means that for O and much of his team the day lasts 24 hours and 39 minutes. So, yeah Oh will rise on Monday at 8 am the next day will be done at 8:39, in 18 days will rise at 8 pm and so on.

As a show of support, Oh entire family, his wife Bryn and his three sons, Braden 13, 10 and Devyn Ashlyn 8 – will be added to live in a day of 24 hours and 39 minutes throughout August only by the “spirit of adventure.” To coordinate their schedules, the family will use smartphone applications (indicating that they are still in beta) and an application called NASA Mars24 , which provides the time on Mars over its period of rotation.

Oh Braden began writing in a blog called Marstimr the record of their experiences, where it has already trying to sleep as much as possible with his brothers so they will not much affect your biological clock when comienzen to live in 24 hour days and 39 minutes. “We decided to add 30 minutes a day the first week to avoid going to bed before the sun sets, so we have more time during the day until our schedules are reversed, then to compensate, we will advance the clock one hour a day and so also we can coordinate our schedules with school when we go in late August, “said Braden.

Among the family activities that take place in mid-August, when the whole family is with the changed, will know how your city, Los Angeles, during the night, making night hikes, family meals in restaurants that stay open all night like Denny’s , Devyn teach to ride a bicycle in empty parking lots of malls, watch the sunrise and “find out what kind of people go to a 24-hour Fitness at 3 am,” said Bryn.

Link: As Dad Helps Control Curiosity, family will live on ‘Mars time’ (Network World)

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