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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Science, Social Networks |

Curiosity register with Foursquare from Mars

Curiosity register with Foursquare from Mars

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is the first planet to have a “mayor” robot – this, if we consider valid the mayors appointed by application to register geolocalizadamente around the world (and beyond). The rover made check-in on the red planet and, unless Opportunity or probes orbiting the planet believe Foursquare account to compete, could become the undisputed mayor of Mars.

is the first to check-in on the social network from another planet, although not the first to do so from outside the Earth. That title it has a human, the astronaut Doug Wheelock, who was recorded from the International Space Station .

The idea of Curiosity (and NASA) is that Foursquare users can now follow the path of the robot on its way to the place called Glenelg on Mars, and then to Mount Sharp.

takes time involved in using social networking to bring people missions and incidentally teach some science. With the partnership with Foursquare, created special badges that users can earn by registering in specific places related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics, and that will be available later this year.

Collect soil

Curiosity also has been doing some scientific tasks, and is ready to collect his first sample of Martian soil and analyze it. One of the main missions of the rover is to check if the land ever offered conditions favorable for microbial life.

According to NASA, the analysis would be ready in about two weeks, and will be made with the instrument of chemistry and mineralogy (Chemin), and sample analysis (SAM).

Link: Mars rover Curiosity ‘Checks In’ on Foursquare (Space)

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